Headlight Restoration

Polishing vs. Full Restoration

Although we polish all the headlights we get in for a conversion, if they are in really bad condition they will need a full restoration to get them back in A1 condition.

A very common example is the Mitsubishi FTO. As you can see below clear varnish will start to peel giving it a very poor look.

What we will do is completely sand it down, removing all clear coating from the headlight. After that we fully polish it back up giving it a brand new look. As the clear coating is now completely removed from the headlights you'll never have to worry about it coming back!


Next to that poor headlight can cause MOT failure due to bad light projection,
there are some other advantages of fully restored lights:

- Better visibility
- Better resale value
- Better looks

Please Note:

Deep deformations and cracks caused by chemicals, salt and sunlight can not always be removed by polishing or a full restoration. When we think it’s not necessary to do a full restoration after we've seen the headlights we'll let you know.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We will only restore your headlights if we know for sure that you are going to be 100% satisfied with the result.