Custom Painting

If you like to change the look of your headlights we offer you custom painting. We can change the color of the inside of your headlight to matte, semi-gloss or high gloss black for only 29 euro's.

This way you can turn your headlights into JDM style headlights or make them look like facelift models. Common examples are Honda Civic, Integra and Accord headlights, which can be turned into Type-R style lights and Toyota Supra headlights which can be turned into facelift style lights.

We can also remove orange reflectors like with the 2005 Blobeye Impreza to recreate the JDM look (see picture below).

If you would like to use a custom color, e.g. the color of your car, please supply the paint yourself with the headlights. It doesn’t necessarily need to be heat resistant as long as it’s good quality automotive paint.