What is E-marking?

The “E” means Europe. That's why American and Japanese headlights are not usually ”E” marked. If a light has an E-mark on them it means it has been approved somewhere in the EU as compliant with the European regulations.

In some countries E-marking might be required for the 1st registration test. As far as we know for sure this is Finland, but chances are this is the same for Sweden en Norway. We're hoping to find out as soon as possible.

This might only apply to the 1st registration test and not for the annual safety test, but again we are not sure.

Now that your vehicle is from Japan doesn’t mean you can't have E-marking on the headlights, as the UK is also part of Europe there are also right hand drive headlights with E-marks on them. Below you find a list of every E-mark number and their countries.


Specific E-marking

There is also information on the internet saying that you'll need a specific E-mark number to pass a certain test. Like for the SVA test in the UK you will need E11 which is the UK E-mark. However with large numbers of Japanese Imports driving around without E-marked headlights this seems highly unlikely.

When you don’t have a "correct" E-mark or none at all, it doesn’t mean that your headlight is not compliant with the rules. They will check this with a special device which shows if the light pattern meets the regulations. MOT testers seldom have the knowledge or the inclination to get involved in the minor detail of E-marks so you're probably better of when you don’t bring this up yourself while getting your vehicle tested.






If you live in a country where E-markings are required e.g. Finland, Norway and Sweden, and you headlights don't have any, please send us an email and we might be able to swap your set for an E-marked one.

Please note:

We are not responsible for E-marking on your headlights, so please make sure to find out if E-Marking is required if you don't have any on your headlights. Inform at your local test or registration centre to be sure.