By sending us your headlights you agree on the followings terms and conditions, so please read them carefully before using our service.



Headlightconversions.com ais not responsible for any damage that occurs during shipping to us or back to you, the costumer. Please carefully pack your headlights as they will be shipped back the same way we received them. Therefore we are not responsible for the packaging of the headlights.

Every package we return is insured up to 500 euro's. Please note that the insurance will only be valid as long as the package is securely packed.

As the customer, if you have damage to your lights that have been shipped back to you, the claim for damage insurance has to be filed by us, the party shipping the package. It is the customers responsibility to keep all the packaging that was shipped to you including the box. Without the package and all the contents, the damage claim cannot be processed and the claim will not be paid.



We will test all headlights before we ship them back to you and give you the full guarantee that the headlight will pass any registration and annual vehicle safety test in Europe. If for some reason your headlights fail a test please contact us and return the lights so we can fix them free of costs. How to return the headlights please read our return policy below.

We've seen quite a lot of cases where the MOT tester doesn't have the full knowledge about the regulations and won't let the headlights pass the test. Therefore it is always smart to get a second opinion at a different garage.

If it still doesn’t pass the test afterwards and we see no more clear possibilities in adjusting your headlights you will get a full refund.

In the case where condensation is found inside of the headlight, there might be the possibility that your headlight hasn’t been resealed properly, causing water to build up inside your headlight. A little bit can normal due to the drying sealant, please remove or pull back a rubber seal from the back of the headlight so the humid air can escape. If this doesn’t help please follow our return policy.

Please note: do not turn on the lights in order for the condensation to disappear quicker. The heat of the light bulbs in combination with water may cause parts of the headlights to melt. We are not responsible for any damage occurred to the headlight by condensation.

If the lights were already damaged before we converted them, we are not responsible for any condensation building up in the headlight and the problems it may cause afterwards.


Return Policy

Before sending the headlights back please contact us with an exact description of the problem. Maybe we can assist you by e-mail or telephone without you having to send the headlights back to us. If we agree that the headlights do need to be send back please include:

- An official fail sheet by the test centre.
- Contact details of the test centre.

Please note that returns have to be made within 3 months of the date stated on the receipt.



We are not responsible for any loss of light compared to the original light output as long as it's still legal.

We are not responsible for the payment being cleared in time in order to meet our maxium processing time of 3 working days.

We cannot guarantee that your headlights will be polished or will look better after polishing. Polishing only benefits plastic headlights. Please read more about our free polishing service here.

We are not responsible for E-marking on your headlights, so please make sure to find out if E-marking is required if you don't have any on your headlights. Inform at your local test or registration centre to be sure. To learn more about E-marking please click here.