The Conversion

Why do you headlights need to be converted?

The standard light pattern of a right hand drive (RHD) car points up to the left side of the road, giving better vision of the road signs and the hard shoulder. When driving in left hand drive (LHD) countries this will blind oncoming traffic*. That’s why this "kick-up" needs to be removed, or transferred to the other side. For better understanding please look at the pictures below.




* Of course when your living in a right hand drive country it is the other way around.

What we do is converting RHD headlights to LHD by removing the kick-up from the light pattern, creating a flat beam, which will pass all registration and annual vehicle safety tests in Europe.

However, if you like to keep the original kick-up, but now on the correct side, you will need Conversion Plus for an additional 49 euro's. For some cars it even comes standard.



There will be made a minimal of changes inside of the headlight, no alterations will be made on the outside or the structure inside. Therefore it won’t be visible that they have been converted and the original look of the car will be preserved.

Next to removing the kick-up from the light pattern a minimal loss of light may occur, but nothing that will fail a test or jeopardize safety while driving at night.


Free Polishing

Over the time headlights can become dull and faded regardless if you take great care of your vehicle. This can even cause your vehicle to fail the MOT as yellow and cloudy headlights will reduce your vision at night.

We'll will polish your headlights for free when needed, inside and out, restoring the clarity of your lenses providing much better vision at night.

Please Note:

- If it’s not really necessary its sometimes better to not polish the headlights because some have clear varnish on them for protection which will fade or become thinner by polishing.

- When your clear varnish has already been party damaged, polishing won’t be enough to fully restore the headlight. They will need to be completely sanded down to remove all clear coating from the headlight. This is not free and full restoration can be done at the additional costs of 49 euro´s.

- Deep deformations and cracks caused by chemicals, salt and sunlight may not always be removed by polishing or a full restoration.

- This will only benefit plastic headlights.




We will test all headlights before we ship them back to you and give you the full guarantee that the headlight will pass any registration and annual vehicle safety test in Europe.

If for some reason your headlights fail a test please contact us and return the lights so we can fix them free of costs. If it still doesn’t pass the test afterwards you will get a full refund.

All the details about our return policy can be found in our disclaimer.


Important: There are a few countries which require the headlights to have E-Markings on them. To learn more about the E-marking please click here.